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 Dana Wharf Lady Anglers

   Southern California's Finest Ladies Sportfishing Club

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General Rules, Regulations and Information -


Fishing Year - January 1st through December 31st. DWLA is governed by all California Fish and Wildlife Laws.


Membership - Is open to women 18 years of age and older.  Membership fee is $20. To be a member in good standing, she must attend one meeting and participate in at least two (2) charters or one multi-day (2 or more day) charter and owe no outstanding balance to the club Treasurer.


Membership Dues - $30 annual dues are payable on December 1st and delinquent February 1st.  New members who pay after September 1st, are paid through the following year.

Fishing Boundaries - Are from Point Conception to the Mexican Border.


Release of Liability - Every member, non-member and all guests must sign a “Release of Liability” form before going on ANY DWLA CHARTER.  DWLA members should have a signed copy on file.


Charter Sign-ups - Toward the beginning of the year, you will get notification of Charter Sign Up night. If you attend and sign up for charters, you will be asked to pay for your first charter in full and pay 1/2 the cost for each multi-day charter. After sign up night, if you wish to sign up for charters, please contact the Charter Chairperson for availability. If the charter is full, you will be put on a waiting list however there is no guarantee that a spot will become available.  All charters must be paid in full, two weeks before the day of departure. NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN ON THE BOAT UNLESS STATED BY TREASURER OR CHARTER CHAIRPERSON.  Once you have signed up for a charter, you are financially responsible whether you go or not.

All club charters must have a minimum of ten (10) DWLA members. In the event a charter is not filled with ten DWLA members, the charter will count for points only, no trophies.  Also, the charter chairwoman will open these trips to non members and also ask DWLA members if they would like to invite guests.  It is open to friends and family that are at least 14 years old.  All minors are to be supervised and monitored by the inviting member and it is suggested they and/or unexperienced anglers do not participate in stern rotations.  Guests must abide by club regulations.  All financial obligations apply to non members and invited guests as well.

Dropping off a Charter - First, notify the Charter Chairperson ASAP, she might have a waiting list of members to fill your spot. If no member can be found, you may ask friends or family to take your place. It is ultimately your responsibility to fill your vacant spot and you are still financially responsible for charters that you have signed up for, unless your vacant spot is filled. Unpaid charter fees will result in forfeiture of all future charter trips signed-up for by member until outstanding balance has been paid in full. 

Boarding  - Members cannot line up for a charter out of Dana Wharf more than 1 hour before the charter departure time.  The first person to arrive will start a list for boarding order (COD is first to board though).  For San Diego or any multi-day charter, a similar boarding list is to be started by the first arrival (no time restriction).  At the time of boarding, only tackle boxes and rods are to be brought on board first.  The COD will watch over carts, luggage, etc...while members put tackle boxes and rods away on the boat.  Then the remaining belongings can be brought on board.

Boat space is very limited for tackle boxes and rods.  To help accommodate room for everyone, it is strongly suggested that you only bring 1 tackle box and a maximum of 5 rods.  Extra gear and personal belongings items should be stored away from the prime tackle areas and must not hinder walkways or floor space in galleys.  Some rods can also be doubled up in the the racks.

Rockfish - Rockfish may only be caught on designated rockfish trips to qualify for points.  You may count up to fifteen (15) fish, per fishing year.  Legal fish caught on the BOTTOM i.e.: Sand bass, Halibut, etc. may also be counted.  The Captain must declare that the trip is a Designated Rockfish trip BEFORE the boat leaves the dock.  If adverse conditions warrant, the Captain may decide to fish inshore, and if this happens your ensuing points for other species will be counted.


Rotations and Colored Pins - Rotations are used to ensure all anglers have equal time to fish on stern when the boat is anchored. They are determined by the color of the clothespin you receive from the COD.  When your color is called, you have the opportunity to fish the stern.  After your turn, you must fish forward the bait tank until the next rotation. When it is not your turn to fish form the stern and to prevent crowding, the first spot on the rail up from the corners of the stern are to be vacant for those fishing the stern.


Tail Ties - On club charters, the COD will provide colored tail ties to affix to possible trophy fish so they are kept whole for weighing.  It is the responsibility of the angler to make certain that a tail tie and bag number (if applicable) is affixed to their fish at the time it is caught and before the fish is placed into a fish hold.  No one except the lady angler who caught the fish may remove a tail tie from that fish. Any fish that is dropped into a fish hold, cannot be tagged at a later time.

Crew Assist - at no time may the crew assist in hooking or reeling in of a fish.  The club member must hook, fight and bring her fish to the deck, gaff or net for it to be counted for points and/or a trophy.  A crew member may assist the angler by untangling lines, help around obstacles or when hung up on an object.  The crew may also cast out for a member but they cannot not hook or turn the handle on the reel.  Nor may the fish be caught with the assistance of the boat.  If a fish is caught outside of these guidelines, that fish will not be eligible for points, trophies or jackpot.


Captain of the Day (COD) - On every charter there will be a Captain of the Day.  You will be notified 2 weeks prior to the trip if you have been selected for the position.  If for some reason, you are unable to be COD, please notify the Charter Chairperson well in advance.


COD Duties:

  • Be on the dock at least 30 minutes before departure time.  Pick up COD bag and you have the privilege to be first to board.  This allows time for your duties.

  • Check off passenger names in the charter log book,

  • Make sure all passengers have signed the boat manifest.

  • All guests and non members must sign a Release of Liability form (members should have a signed copy on file.)  Blank forms are in the charter log book.

  • Hand out colored clothes pins for stern rotations and hang color chart.

  • When the boat is anchored, announce color, mark the color on the chart and allow 30 minutes for each rotation. Remind those leaving the stern to fish forward from the bait tank.

  • Provide tail ties to anglers that have potential trophy fish.​

  • Supervise the weighing of jackpot contenders and make sure the jackpot winner is paid.

  • Ensure all point slips are filled out completely and signed.

  • Witness weighing and sign pink slips for any fish qualifying for trophies.  

  • Return all items to COD bag, write a trip summary in the log book and give COD bag back to  charter chairwoman.

  • Deposit point slips in the DWLA box in the Dana Wharf Sportfishing office or give to a board member.

Tournament - Dana Wharf Sportfishing hosts an annual free tournament for DWLA.  We fish in pre-selected teams using 12 lb monofilament test only (including backing).  No braided line, Spectra, leaded line, fluorocarbon or wire leaders are allowed.  Artificial bait and jigs can be used.  Using the DWLA point system (as depicted on the weight slips) the team with the most points wins.


To be eligible to fish on the free tournament, you must sign up and pay for a minimum of two (2) ¾ day charters or one multi day charter (2 or more days).

Trophy Fish - All potential trophy fish must weigh five (5) pounds or more to qualify.  Trophy fish must be caught on an open party boat chartered out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing or on DWLA Club Charters (please refer to your handbook for specific trophies). All potential trophy fish must be weighed on either the club scale or a state certified scale.  If you are weighing fish off the boat, you MUST have two witnesses present (DWLA members and/or Captain & Crew) AT THE TIME OF WEIGHING on a state certified scale. They must also sign your pink trophy slip. Trophies are only awarded to members in good standing.  Only one trophy per fish. Fish caught on private charters and private boats are not eligible for trophies and count for points only.  


Cleaning of fish - Fish weighed on any boat and weighed on the club scale have the option of being cleaned at sea per the boat/captain rules (for a nominal fee).  Cleaning of any fish caught on an eligible boat and weighed on land at any acceptable state certified scale shall be the responsibility of the angler to clean.  It is illegal to clean fish at the docks or in the harbors.


Trolling Fish - Qualify for the Largest Fish Caught on Troll trophy only and cannot be counted for points or jackpot.


Weight and Point Slips - Must be properly and completely filled out, signed and given to the COD at the end of each charter. They can also be mailed to the Tournament/Rules Chairwoman or dropped in the DWLA box at Dana Wharf Sportfishing within Thirty (30) days of the catch.  A witness signature of a DWLA member or Captain/Crew member to your catch is required on all point slips.   WHITE slips are for points on DWLA charters, PINK slips are for trophy fish, BLUE slips are for points on non-DWLA, open party charters.  All slips are available in the Dana Wharf Sportfishing office or in the COD bag.


Yellowtail and Dorado - In an effort to conserve the fisheries off the California coast, DWLA points will only be counted for Yellowtail and Dorado that are 24 inches and over in length.  Members are encouraged to release anything smaller.  We also encourage to release all fish that will not be consumed.

Social Media - Posting negative/derogatory comments or photos towards members or about club charters and events on DWLA websites, social media pages and publications will not be tolerated and may result in club dismissal. DWLA distribution, mail and member lists/rosters are for the sole use by DWLA members for DWLA club related events only.  No political, religious, sexual orientated or topics of controversy should be sent or forwarded using DWLA distribution or member lists. 

All fishing ceases when the Captain announces “WIND 'EM UP, BRING IN YOUR LINES, THAT’S IT FOR THE DAY” or words to that effect.

We are a club that promotes fun, fishing and serve as conservators of our fisheries and sport. If you have questions or concerns pertaining to any of the above, please contact the Rules Chairwomen:

Lori Sorensen:  -  ph: 949-412-8826

Brittany Ray:  

...or ask any board member on your next charter!

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